Flash Fiction

Your Secret

You know I know your secret.

What you don’t know is that I’ve known it for some time.

You thought I only found out that night, when you were indiscreet after one too many glasses of wine. When you looked at him, over the top of your glass, and then looked away. And then you reached out as he was leaving, and with a casual, yet tender brush of your fingers, you removed some stray cat hair from his jacket.

It was the ultimate giveaway. You see, I know he doesn’t have a cat and you do.

Then you caught my eye. Caught me watching you. You smiled back at me.

I had been watching you a lot that evening. Do you remember? I had seen the way you flirted. You think because you do it to everyone nobody will notice when you hone in on him. Do you remember the way you were flirting with me?

You also touched me, on the knee, on the arm, but it was never intimate, I never had your full attention. You were acting out a role. Flirting with his best friend, while looking at him. It wasn’t subtle.

Although now I think you wanted me to find out. Didn’t you? I think you were fed up of all the secrecy, all the stress of arranging times to meet. You’re both married to other people, it can’t have been that easy.

I’m not married, as you know, it would be so much easier to have an affair with me.

And now you know that I know, I’m wondering what you will offer me to keep quiet?

But don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.

You see, I have a little secret of my own. You’re not the only one with a cat.

Terri Mullholland (she / her) is a writer and researcher who grew up in the West Country and is now living in London. Her flash fiction has appeared in various journals and anthologies, including Litro, Flash Fiction Magazine, Toasted Cheese, The Liminal Review, Mercurious, and Analogies & Allegories Literary Magazine. When she is not writing, she can be found curled up with a cat and a good book. Find her latest on https://www.terrimullholland.com/. Twitter: @Lesley_Cat