Short Beasts is an online flash fiction literary magazine, featuring very short stories perfect for quick inspiration, a lunchtime reading break, or if you are just intensely curious to discover how quickly a writer can tell a thought-provoking and entertaining story.

Short Beasts serves new and established writers by giving life to short format fiction, so such tales may cease gnawing at the noggin and won’t disappear.

Short Beasts publishes flash fiction up to 1000 words, roughly four times per year and occasionally in between. We are committed to offering a home to diverse works and voices, and to helping readers explore and delight in short format fiction.

Published by Text Literary Foundation, Short Beasts is an online sister imprint of the forthcoming TEXT+Lit, dedicated to publication and innovation of short form fiction. An all volunteer non-profit, we are intent on providing a swift and thorough review process, and on publishing as often as possible.

For the benefit of the literary publishing community, TEXT+Lit endeavors to design and produce innovative publishing tools. We aim to help publishers by bridging the gap between functional needs and expense, help writers with ease-of-use, and help readers by bringing more quality articles to your literary world.

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