There are common reasons why writers use prompts. While some use it to overcome writer’s block, we use prompts as a fun exercise. Prompts can be quite useful for flash fiction, helping writers quickly and concisely jump on a new idea, or as a temporary segue from longer works. We will be adding to this list, so check it periodically. We’d love to add your prompts too, so get in touch if you would like to see yours here.

Prompt: How high?

Prompt: I was suddenly covered in tadpoles. My friend just sat there laughing as she reached out for

Prompt: The camera captured

Prompt: I had never seen such a

Prompt: Where on earth did you get that

Prompt: Fudge

Prompt: The dog whined a question in nearly legible speech. I’m certain he meant

Prompt: We’re meeting at the train station tomorrow, for the purpose of

Prompt: The gleaming floor

Prompt: The ground felt hot and

Prompt: Eating

Prompt: It may be strange, but the first three fruits that come to mind

Prompt: Staring into the dark hallway

Prompt: Ten steps down to a black door,

Prompt: I had always been an independent cat, until I met